About us - The Circle of the Greek Childrens Book

The Circle of the Greek Childrens Book (The Circle), a non-profit, non-governmental association, is the Greek Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). 


Circle membership includes authors and illustrators, educators, publishers, librarians, book critics, researchers, social workers, and other personalities with a genuine interest in books for children.


Historical Background


In the Spring of 1963, a group of eight Greek women (three poets, two writers, and three librarians) initiated a non-profit association aiming at bringing together writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, translators, publishers and other individuals working with children and childrens books.  Their initiative was greeted with enthusiasm by members of the local educational community and Greek literati.   Eventually, the group grew larger, its objectives were set by the founding members, and in 1969 the Circle of the Greek Childrens Book was established by Greek law.  


The Circle is administered today by a seven-member board, according to a charter that was last amended in 1985. 




  • To bring together personalities involved in the production, promotion, dissemination and distribution of books for children and young adults. 


  • To cultivate book-loving attitudes among children, teachers, and parents and to call attention to quality books. 


  • To advance and stimulate research in the field of childrens literature. 


  • To collaborate with individuals from Greece and abroad in building bridges of understanding through childrens books.   


To carry out its mission, the Circle


         Organizes conferences, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions with a focus on childrens and young adults literature.

         Participates in international conferences and seminars.

         Works to encourage public interest in childrens literature by participating in radio and television programs, printing and distributing (free of charge) informative brochures, posters and other material, including the annual BULLETIN (a lengthy report on IBBY-Greece activities as well as news and articles on childrens literature).  

         Works closely with the National Book Center, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and local authorities in preparing the annual celebration of International Childrens Book Day on, or around Hans Christian Andersens birthday (April 2).  

         Awards, on an annual basis, a variety of prizes to authors, illustrators, and other personalities (educators and librarians) for their exemplary work in promoting childrens literature.

          Awards annual prizes to local libraries with successful programs for children and outreach activities through new technologies. 

         Donates books to libraries located in underdeveloped areas,
* Nominates Greek authors and illustrators for IBBYs Hans Christian Andersen Awards, known as the little Nobel, and participates in the selection committee.