About us - Awards

In 2011, The Circle of the Greek Children’s Book announced the following awards:


A.    Awards for writing and illustrating literary books for children. 


1.      The Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou First-time Writer Award. 

2.      The Penelope Maximou Short Narrative Award

3.      The Fani Apostolidou Long Story or Fiction Award

4.      The Picturebook Award

5.      The Young Adult Book Award

6.      The Vito Aggelopoulou General Knowledge Book Award


B.     Awards to people and institutions.


1.      The K.P. Demertzis Greek Teacher Award (Prize:  500 Euro sponsored by Mr. Panos Alefantos, and books worth 600 Euro, donated by Agyra Publications)

2.      The High School Teacher Award (Prize:  500 Euro and books worth 600 Euro.  Sponsor:  Psychogios Publications). 

3.      The Children’s Library Award (prize:  Books worth 1,000 Euro.  Donated by Kastaniotis Publications)

4.      The Love for Reading Program Award, awarded to a library, school, or personality involved with children and children’s books. (Prize:  1,000 Euro sponsored by Patakis Publications.)

5.      The New Technologies School or Library Award (prize:  books worth 1,000 Euro, provided by Papadopoulos Publications)

6.      The Book-Loving Parent Award, awarded to parent associations with an active interest in promoting children’s literature (prize:  Books worth 1,000 Euro, provided by Minoas Publications)

7.      The Librarian Award (prize:  Books worth 1,000 Euro, provided by Livanis Publications.

8.      The Student Print Media Award (prize:  Books worth 1,000 Euro, provided by Metehmio Publications).