Smiling Stories go to school

 An initiative  of the Greek IBBY National Section - Circle of the Greek Children’s Book, in support of Greek primary schools.


The economic crisis has brought about budget cuts in Greek public schools, but it certainly has not reduced the enthusiasm and creativity of the teaching staff.   So, classes are back in session and those of us in the Greek IBBY who visit schools throughout the country are inspired by them to offer a hand to school councils in the way we know best:  through stories and pictures. 


And here is how:  


1.     On their own initiative, writers and illustrators will work in pairs. 

2.     Each pair will create a short, illustrated FUNNY story for primary school children.

3.     The stories will be published by the Greek IBBY in a single volume under the title “Smiling Stories go to school”

4.     The Greek IBBY will seek sponsorships to cover the cost of paper, printing and binding for a few thousand copies of this volume. 

5.     School councils (parents’ and/or teachers’ councils) wishing to participate in this project will receive one hundred (100) copies.  (Priority will be given to schools with specific needs on a first come/first served basis).

6.     The distribution of the books will be part of Greek IBBY activities in celebration of International Children’s Book Day (April 2, 2014).

7.     The school councils will keep a few copies for their school and will seek ways to sell the rest at the symbolic price of five euros per copy.  (The price will be the same for all schools). The books will be sold at bazaars, exhibits, collaborating bookstores, etc.  Good practices and promotion ideas will be available in the Greek IBBY facebook. 


All revenues down to the last cent will go to the schools so that our funny stories will hopefully bring about both laughter and school supplies, or even heating oil for the winter months; possibly paint to freshen up a classroom; breakfast for students in need; school supplies for those who can’t afford to buy them; books to enrich the library; or anything else the school councils may think appropriate.


School councils may also seek their municipality’s support or find local sponsors to purchase the books and present them to children as gifts. Engaging the students in this fund raising effort may be a good idea.  How gratified the children will feel when they manage to collect the sum needed for an important cause of their choice!  And what an instrumental role a book will have played in motivating them to participate!


What do you think?  Besides spreading smiles, can our stories lend a helping hand to the Greek schools? 


Some important details:


The theme of the story:

The theme is open as long as it brings laughter to young readers of six to twelve years of age.



Writers and illustrators of any nationality, members or non-members of the Greek IBBY may participate in this effort. The only requirement is that they must each have two at least published books, either in Greece or their own country.



Participation process:

The collaborating pair (writer and illustrator) may simply enrol in the project by sending a message, by October 15, 2013 to


November 30 is the deadline to submit electronically

a)    the text (not to exceed 500 words, strictly, using Word, 12 point Arial)

b)   the black and white image (in A5, 300 dpi-grayscale).


Writers and illustrators may submit only one story and one picture.  The placement of the stories will follow in alphabetical order with the writer’s name appearing first. 


Participating writers and illustrators must be willing to assign their rights, without pay, exclusively to the Greek IBBY - Circle of the Greek Children’s Book-- for seven years and for all languages worldwide. 


Specific questions may be addressed to:

IBBY-Greece President: Vaggelis Iliopoulos

Vice President: Vassiliki Nika

Project coordinator: Antonis Papatheodoulou